International Shipping

INDMED pharmaceutical company
Shipping all over the world
We provide worldwide shipping service through our past contacts with global carriers
“DHL” “FedEx” “aramex”
In order to ensure the safety of delivery to customers all over the world
Indmed Pharmaceutical Company and Shipping of Medicines to Worldwide Our relationships extend inside and outside India with many companies under the auspices of the Indian Medicines Export Promotion Council
We include leading Indian companies specializing in the manufacture of nutritional supplements, active pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical formulation media, hospital supplies, cosmetics and inactive pharmaceutical additives, in addition to a wide range of pharmaceuticals. innovative high quality.
India occupies an important position in the global pharmaceutical sector and is the largest exporter of alternative medicine in the world, as its exports in this sector represent 20% of the volume of world exports, and the Indian pharmaceutical industry is expected to experience growth of more than 15% per year in the period 2020-2025, then surpass the global growth rates of the pharmaceutical industry, and the size of the pharmaceutical industry in India is currently US $ 20 billion, the number of Indian pharmaceutical factories registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration reached 523 factories, the highest number recorded among countries other than the United States. India is expected to become the world’s third largest market for active pharmaceuticals in 2020 by market share, and the alternative pharmaceuticals produced by India enjoys a good reputation in the world in terms of quality. and cost and are exported to more than 200 countries around the world
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