Shipping Medicines


India’s IndMed Company for Drug and Drug Delivery Worldwide
What distinguishes us from the global transport company (DHL) and our prices are not competitive and as we deal with a global transport company with a long history of shipping and delivery ensure the safety of proper delivery from the company to the captives all over the world … Med India Medicines & Drug Delivery Worldwide Our relationships are extended in India and abroad with many companies and we have participated within.
A delegation of 44 Indian pharmaceutical companies will be present at the international drug fair PharmaConix, which is held at various international conference centers in the world.
The delegation includes a number of prominent Indian companies specialized in the manufacture and export of pharmaceutical products, nutritional products, nutritional supplements, effective pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, hospital supplies, cosmetics and non-effective pharmaceutical additives, as well as a wide range of innovative high quality pharmaceutical products.
India has an important position in the global pharmaceutical sector and is the largest exporter of alternative medicines worldwide
Its exports account for 20 percent of the world’s exports. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow by more than 15 percent a year from 2015-2020, surpassing global growth rates in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently 20 billion US dollars, in March 2014, the number of pharmaceutical factories registered with the US Food and Drug Administration 523 factories, the highest number registered between countries other than the United States, is expected to become India’s third largest
The world market in the pharmaceutical industry is active in 2020 in the market share, and the alternative pharmaceuticals produced by India have a good reputation in the world in terms of quality and cost and are exported to more than 200 countries including the USA, EU and Japan.
The value of Indian medicine exports is 20 billion US dollars in 2015 and worth 27 billion US dollars in 2016.