Sun Pharma to launch Brillo, a first-in-class oral lipid-lowering drug in India

Sun Pharma said one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries plans to launch a first-in-class oral drug, Bempedoic Acid, in India for reducing LDL cholesterol.

The company will launch the drug under the brand name Brillo.

The drug is a first-in-class drug which has a new mechanism of action compared to the currently available lipid-lowering agents.

It is indicated for people who have an inherited genetic disorder that causes high cholesterol levels or established heart disease where cholesterol levels remain high, despite lifestyle changes and the use of maximum tolerated dose of statins.

”Sun Pharma is the leader in the cardiovascular segment and a pioneer in lipid-lowering therapy in India. In line with our commitment to introducing novel products, we are launching this first-in-class oral drug Brillo,” Sun Pharma CEO – India Business Kirti Ganorkar said in a statement.

The product is a novel treatment option that will help manage high LDL cholesterol in patients with heart diseases, a condition which is growing at an alarming rate, he added.

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